Unipay provides various levels and methods of training in Unipay Payroll application

New User Induction

Maintaining continuity of payroll accuracy and compliance is business critical for every organisation. Staff turnover in any role costs a business in many ways including loss of long-term knowledge and time for new team members to gain proficiency in their new role, new systems, new processes. However, for payroll the lead time to proficiency needs to be achieved very quickly and the risk of inevitable errors during early days can have significant consequences to the organisation.

Effective handover is vital for conveying organisation specific information. However, in the limited time outgoing staff can spend with new starters usually only the most critical and immediate information gets covered.

Recognising the need for your new payroll staff to have access to a formal induction to Unipay Payroll, we offer a two hour New User Induction as remote training. Make sure you add this to your new payroll staff members induction program so they can gain initial confidence to begin using Unipay Payroll efficiently. You can then have them attend our annual comprehensive training to expand their skills and knowledge.

Personalised Training

Unipay provides comprehensive training for your business in the initial implementation. However, Unipay recognises that training is an ongoing process and you will maximise your benefits from Unipay Payroll the more you learn about its extensive functionality. We also recognise that valuable Unipay Payroll experience and knowledge may be lost with staff turnover.

For training customised to your business our trainer will use your data to train your staff enabling your payroll officer to immediately understand and use the system in your environment.

Contact us for a quotation for on-site or remote personalised training for your payroll staff.

Group Training

Unipay offers annual group classroom training in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. Training schedules are advised in advance.