Time and Attendance

Employee attendance quickly and easily recorded and approved to effortlessly
import accurate pay run transactions

Managing employee time and attendance has never been this easy. Improve your payroll efficiency and reduce manual and paper processes by implementing our biometric time and attendance system. Easily comply with time keeping record requirements.

Business Benefits

Time and Attendance Features

Configurable Software

Software is set up and configured to meet the workplace rules of each business, such as overtime and different clocking scenarios.

Interface with Unipay Payroll

Seamless API with Unipay Payroll allowing for uploading of employees’ attendance data in seconds

Biometric Clocking Methods

Provides accurate attendance verification using face recognition clocking. Additionally, employees can clock on/off remotely using an app on their smartphone, with geotagging, geofencing and IMEI tagging of mobile phones. 

Historical Data

Retention of and access to historical attendance data.

Configurable Reporting

User and/or department specific reports can be easily configured and displayed online, printed, or emailed.


Managers can send notifications to employees via email, smartphone app, web portal, or clock device. Notifications can be sent to all employees, employees in a single department, using a single clock or an individual employee. Notifications to managers of time breaches (late arrivals or early departures), exceptions (failure to clock in/out or failure to reach target hours), absences (planned and unplanned absences) can be delivered via email or a web portal.