Remote Backup Storage

Unipay are always ready to help your business with additional services

Words we hope to never hear when we answer a support call, but unfortunately do all too often – “My server died, and IT have told us they can’t extract our backup”.

In a situation of IT infrastructure failure, Unipay can restore you to an operational payroll system from your most recent backup in minutes, preventing you from the time and cost of needing to reprocess possibly months or years of payroll data.

We strongly recommend you incorporate as many options as possible into your backup process including internal and external storage options. If you do not have a backup plan, we would encourage you to spend time today putting one in place. Give yourself peace of mind that you never have to worry about losing your payroll records.

Unipay offer a remote backup service that can be easily added to your pay run finalisation. If you would like to include this in your backup plan call us today to discuss your needs. We look forward to assisting you.